• TL MEDIA Professional 17inch Teleprompter with Dual Screen
  • TL MEDIA Professional 17inch Teleprompter with Dual Screen
  • TL MEDIA Professional 17inch Teleprompter with Dual Screen

TL MEDIA Professional 17inch Teleprompter with Dual Screen

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TL MEDIA Professional 17inch Teleprompter with Dual Screen


l   Support nearly any camera: MiniDV, DSLR, ENG cameras and Professional Cinema Cameras

l   Professional Software on USB Dongle

l   Screen Readable from up to 2.5meters

l   Transmittance over 85%

l   HDMI, VGA, and Composite Inputs

l   Removable Camera Mounting Extrusion

l   Multiple Control Mode: mouse, keyboard, remote controller, USB foot pedal controller

l   with Dual Screen



Support File Types: TXT, PPT and other formats

Operating System: Windows, IOS, Android.

Wide Viewing Angle: horizontal 140°, vertical 130°,

Size: 17inch

HD Display: 16:10 widescreen HD teleprompter LCD display.

Lightweight and Stable: Abrasive profile high-precision slides, enhanced oxidation process, light and durable, integrated design, can be connected and fixed with various cameras and tripods, easy to disassemble.

Simple operation and complete functions

Professional Teleprompter Software (including USB dongle)

comes with a mirror image function to solve the dual-screen positive image problem, and the host can easily interact with the guide.

Clear vision and stable handwriting: bright images, large characters, high brightness, smooth screen, no jitter, and viewing distance greater than 2.5M.

Control Mode

manual control, wireless remote control, the device can be controlled simultaneously by wired or wireless radio frequency, and can be controlled by single or double

All-dielectric Flat Beamsplitter

incident angle 45°, multi-media film without color difference, ultra-thin anti-reflective 2 mm beam splitter, anti-glare highlight display technology, transmittance over 85%, split ratio 2:8, light loss less than 2%

Software Function

offers color background, color fonts, preset font size, color, style, black and white fonts, user selectable cue points, run lists, run from selected cursor and selectable cue marker.

AC Input Power: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz


Configuration List


Teleprompter Main Structure * 1

Flat Beamsplitter * 1

Shading Hood * 1

Monitor * 1

Fixing Pallet * 1

10M VGA Cable * 1



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